The Chronicles of the Scotch Trooper (Part 3)

It wasn’t until I was recently talking with my family that the origin of these photos occurred to me. Back when I was a little Trooper I would get grounded on a regular basis. I know, shocker. During these long lengths of grounding, while my parents were out for dinner, I would sneak out of my room with all my Star Wars, […]

The Chronicles of the Scotch Trooper (Part 2)

Sorry for the lack of posts this week, but the excitement of our upcoming to Scotland has had me quite busy. Between planning out distillery tours, lodging, ferry rides, sights to see and people to visit I am in a constant state of bliss, and anxiety. But couldn’t be happier about it. A few things are certain/booked, and the rest […]

Laphroaig Bacon

Laphroaig Whisky = Amazing Bacon = Incredible Laphroaig Bacon = There are no words For anyone who has been following me on Instagram my love for food has been something that I have been more than proud of. So when I posted a picture of a skillet of bacon I fried up from Patak Meats here in ATL and a […]

Laphroaig Triple Wood

This being my first official review, I will say this now. These are not meant to be mind blowing reviews. These are quick impressions of a whisky enthusiast with a short attention span. Ohh look, a bird…. That being said, I have never hidden the fact that I love pretty much anything from Laphroaig. However when I finally got my hands […]