The Chronicles of the Scotch Trooper (Part 3)

It wasn’t until I was recently talking with my family that the origin of these photos occurred to me. Back when I was a little Trooper I would get grounded on a regular basis. I know, shocker. During these long lengths of grounding, while my parents were out for dinner, I would sneak out of my room with all my Star Wars, […]

Highland Park Dark Origins

The perfect dram for any Stormtrooper after a long day working on the Death Star. As a Star Wars fan who gravitates towards the Dark Side, it’s no surprise that I was overly excited when I heard about this release. Not only because it was inspired by the early days of Highland Park founder Magnus Eunson who was a butcher and church […]

The Chronicles of the Scotch Trooper

My first ever Stormtrooper/Scotch image was posted on Instagram a year and a half ago. And shocker, it was with a few bottles of Balvenie in the background. Since then I have had a blast incorporating Stormtroopers and other Star Wars figures as well as accessories into my photos and adding a bit of humor into my Instagram and Twitter feeds. Please […]