As I have mentioned before, my first real taste of whisky was at a Rush (from Canada) concert in Nashville. It was a perfect blend of amazing layered and complex music and this new spirit that unfolded in my mouth sip by sip. That was in May of 2013. And here in 2017, I am officially jumping into Canadian Whisky with Rich & Rare Reserve. It’s only fitting that I welcome this new venture in with one of my favorite Rush albums, Permanent Waves.

First off, while this is not a whisky that blows my socks off, I found it amazing that its available for well under $20. I’ve seen it even as low as $10 in some places. The nose is sweet and brisk, while the palate is rich and creamy, with some fruit, oak, and pepper notes. Again, still can’t believe it’s price point. Let that be a lesson, don’t let the price tag fool you. Some of my favorite drams have been cheap whiskies that whisky snobs turn their nose to. That said, It’s a perfect starting point for my Canadian Whisky journey. Looking forward to the rest.

On another note… yay! Short Attention Span Reviews are back.

Before you go, enjoy one of my favorite tracks off the Permanent Waves album, Freewill.

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