As with that timely dram after a hard day, Laphroaig comes to save us from the current political craziness with a 3.5 hour #OpinionsWelcome Filibuster from comedian Andy Daly. You can watch it below, or click here (My review is at the 16:00 mark if you want to cheat).

I know I have said it before, but this campaign is pure genius. Welcoming all opinions, good, bad and completely ridiculous. It gets people talking and sharing their views openly. It’s a true testament that the same whisky in the mouths of thousands can be compared to the ‘Nectar of the Gods’, or an ‘old burnt bandaid’. Either way, its a spirit that has was made from a craft passed down through the generations, and that should be celebrated and enjoyed. And if one doesn’t fit your accepted flavor profile, carry on and try the next one.

As a special treat, you can also see my opinion on the Warehouse No.1 wall with all the sleeping whisky, on their virtual tour. And as you can see below the video, they even added it to a bottle of Lore. Ok, that’s enough Laphroaig Fanboy stuff for today. Enjoy, Sláinte.





4 thoughts on “Laphroaig #OpinionsWelcome

  1. Well, actually I could have used some more!

    Congratulations on all your Laphroaig success! It would seem odd if you weren’t included!

    I do agree that this is a genius campaign and really capitalizes on what makes Laphroaig stand out so much!

  2. I recently bought the Laphroaig Tripple Wood after reading reviews and it certainly is different. Had several drams and it tasted young with a twist, so I will let it sit before returning to the bottle. If it does not change, I will not buy again. I also bought the Laphroaig 18 after reading reviews again and I will not open that for awhile. Very hard to get, but I don’t think I will be disappointed with the 18.

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