Usually before opening a bottle of whisky I do my research. I like to know what I am about to experience. I like to prepare my senses. I like to know what to expect when I pour my first dram and take my first nose. But this time, I did none of those things. All I could tell you, was this was a bottle from Independent Bottlers Alexander Murray & Co., and this particular bottle was from the Dailuaine Distillery, and it was aged for 16 years.

For those who are new to the idea of independent bottlers, they purchase casks of whisky from distilleries, giving us rare and unique bottlings from these various distilleries. Dailuaine, is a distillery that is mainly used as whisky for blends, one of which being Johnnie Walker, and only 2% is ever released as a Single Malt.

The Whisky Gods were on my side this night… As I sat there pouring my whisky I immediately got some sweet vanilla aromas and could tell this was going to be a perfect after dinner dram. Overall, the Dailuaine 16yr was a very sweet and creamy whisky with a spicy fruit finish. It felt like I was drinking my dessert, which can’t be a bad thing.

If you haven’t already, I highly recommend you take a look at some of the Alexander Murray & Co. lineup. They have some amazing rare bottlings from many of my favorite distilleries.


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