The cask strength whisky that started it all for me. Previous to the Aberlour A’Bunadh, I had never tasted a cask strength whisky. To be honest, I thought I was ready for it, but I was wrong. After hearing such great things about it from friends on Twitter, and being a big fan of the other Aberlour releases, I quickly found a bottle. I knew I was in for a new experience, but wow. The sherry blast and 60.2% ABV was a bit too much for me so early on in my scotch journey. So, I smiled (virtually), put the glass down and forgot about the bottle for awhile.

As other bottles came and went, I randomly came back to it one night. This time, knowing what to expect, I sat down for a quiet evening and gave it another go. This time it felt like a completely different whisky. I took my first sip neat, and slowly added drops of water as the dram went on, opening it up and cutting down the overpowering alcohol burn.

A’Bunadh, meaning “the original” in Gaelic, and is made in homage to the Aberlour founder, James Fleming, using all original methods. What comes through is a glorious sherry blast, that, if you are ready for it, is really quite amazing.

Let this be a lesson, never turn down the opportunity to give a whisky a second chance. Depending on your mood, your expectations, what you ate that day, and how much the whisky has opened up, you could find a new favorite whisky.


Guarding the sherry
Guarding the sherry
Great things happen...
Great things happen…


9 thoughts on “Aberlour A’Bunadh (Batch 45)

  1. This whisky is one of my all time favorites. I wonder if your A’Bunadh had any changes due to oxidation? I have found that to be the case sometimes that I don’t like a whisky right away as much as I like it later. One thing I love about your reviews is the genuine experience you bring us. Your fresh openness about liking a whisky or not liking it is something we can all relate to. Plus your awesome photos are just the best!

    1. I am sure that oxidation played a part as well. But I also think I was just caught off guard to what a true Cask Strength Whisky meant. Thank you as well for your ongoing love on the blog. Couldn’t do it without you.

  2. I have batch 52. Definitely one to enjoy with water to find your sweet spot. I can taste the young whisky in it, but the overall profile is nice. I would buy it again.

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