Balvenie 12yr Single Barrel

The next installment of my Short Attention Span Reviews is the Balvenie 12yr Single Barrel. I have been quite open with my Balvenie Fanboy Status, so it should be no surprise that there will be quite a few of their reviews here. But I will be nice and spread them out. Although the 12yr DoubleWood is probably a more recognized […]


For those who have not heard of the #Whiskyfabric. It is an all inclusive community of Whisky Enthusiasts who’s lives, passions and interests weave an international fabric connecting us all closer to what brought us all together, whisky. Or as Sam Speers so eloquently put it, “The Fellowship of the Dram”. That being said, about a year ago, I was […]

Laphroaig Triple Wood

This being my first official review, I will say this now. These are not meant to be mind blowing reviews. These are quick impressions of a whisky enthusiast with a short attention span. Ohh look, a bird…. That being said, I have never hidden the fact that I love pretty much anything from Laphroaig. However when I finally got my hands […]

The Chronicles of the Scotch Trooper

My first ever Stormtrooper/Scotch image was posted on Instagram a year and a half ago. And shocker, it was with a few bottles of Balvenie in the background. Since then I have had a blast incorporating Stormtroopers and other Star Wars figures as well as accessories into my photos and adding a bit of humor into my Instagram and Twitter feeds. Please […]