On my way to a Compass Box Event, I stopped at a Decatur Package Store to kill some time. There, I found a bottle of  Great King Street – Glasgow Blend which I had been trying to find for quite some time. As I was paying for my bottle of Compass Box Whisky, in walked the Founder and Whiskymaker for the very whisky I was purchasing. Not knowing how many people would be at Kimball House for the event, I jumped on the opportunity to have a (seemingly awkward) conversation with him. It was short and sweet, and I let him know how excited I was for the event later that evening.

A few weeks prior, my friend Angela Hansberger let me know of a Compass Box event at Kimball House in Decatur, GA. Of course I jumped on the invite. I didn’t find out till a few days before that John Glaser would be there. So I got even more excited. Upon entering, Angela, who is a regular at Kimball House, was greeted like royalty. I, as we walked up to the bar, was greeted by John Glaser like we were old friends. All it took was an awkward chat in a liquor store.

The night was less of an event, and more of a Happy Hour with the opportunity to sit and chat with John. Such a respectful and down to earth man. At one time he walked up to us and just said “Talk to me about whisky”.  That’s probably one of my favorite phrases. Nothing makes me happier than learning about and talking whisky.

As we “talked whisky”, we not only got to know more about Compass Box Whisky, but John himself. How he got started in Whisky Blending (previously a Marketing Director for Johnnie Walker) and his favorite way to eat Oysters (Sprinkled with Cask Strength Peat Monster). For a bit of whisky trivia, Compass Box got it’s name from the constellation Pyxis or Pyxis Nautica, which translates to “The Mariners Compass Box”.

Before the night was over, we were poured a sample of their This is Not a Luxury Whisky. Such a great way to end an already awesome night. As we walked out and said our goodbyes, I showed him a few pictures of my Flaming Heart Lamp. His reaction was quite amazing. With large eyes he said to me, “If you every need any more bottles to make these beautiful lamps, please email me and I will send you whatever you need. Also, if you have any of these for sale, please email me, I want to buy them.” To hear that from other whisky enthusiasts is great. But to hear that from the Whiskymaker himself… what an honor.

6 thoughts on “John Glaser – Compass Box

  1. Such a great story. I just picked up a bottle of this as well. Compass Box is quickly becoming one of my favorite brands. Mark hooked me up with a bottle of Peat Monster after I was unable to attend the event due to work travel. Great bunch of folks working behind the scenes to bring quality blends to us scotch heads.

  2. Scotch Trooper, I was hanging on every word! OMG! What an event of your life! Thanks for sharing! I was full of wonder that John Glaser would just happen to enter the liquor store while you were there! That was fated! What an amazing manifestation on your part! Each and every minute of this night was magical and astonishing! WOW! WOW! WOW! So happy for you!

  3. Helluva evening Trooper! I’m a big fan of CB and everything they stand for. It’s always nice to hear when people walk the walk. Thanks for sharing your adventures – I look forward to more. Paul

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