Laphroaig Whisky = Amazing
Bacon = Incredible
Laphroaig Bacon = There are no words

For anyone who has been following me on Instagram my love for food has been something that I have been more than proud of. So when I posted a picture of a skillet of bacon I fried up from Patak Meats here in ATL and a follower suggested splashing some whisky in the pan, I just had to dive deeper. What followed my research was a smokey & sweet thing of beauty.

The directions are simple, fry your bacon in a skillet. For me, I have a specific iron skillet that I use only for bacon. Yes, I’m that serious about my bacon. Remove from heat a little before your desired crispness, but leave in the skillet. Remove some of the bacon grease and add in a mixture of 2 tbs of whisky (I used Laphroaig 10) and 2 tbs of brown sugar into the skillet. Add back to heat and while being sure to cover the bacon in the whisky/sugar mixture. Let whisky cook down for a few minutes and remove from skillet onto paper towel… or directly into your mouth. Careful, it’s hot.

One word of caution, it’s addictive. The combination of smoke, sweetness and salt is a perfect breakfast treat. It has become one of the most requested breakfast item by the whole family. So be careful, It may dip into your whisky shelf. But it’s so worth it.


Laphroaig Bacon - Before
Laphroaig Bacon – Before
Laphroaig Bacon - After
Laphroaig Bacon – After

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