The perfect dram for any Stormtrooper after a long day working on the Death Star. As a Star Wars fan who gravitates towards the Dark Side, it’s no surprise that I was overly excited when I heard about this release. Not only because it was inspired by the early days of Highland Park founder Magnus Eunson who was a butcher and church official by day and whisky smuggler and distiller by night. But because it promised a deeper, darker combination of two of my favorite elements, peat and sherry.

On that promise, it did deliver. By using twice as many first fill sherry casks than the 12 year, this dram is spicy, sweet and smokey. Such a nice mix of sherry and peat, with hints of chocolate and licorice. A dram fitting of the Dark Side. And what’s not to love about the beautiful matte black bottle. I just had to make it into a lamp. I, like many, are suspect of the rise of NAS Whiskies, but at this price point I think the Dark Origins is well worth picking up and enjoying.


6 thoughts on “Highland Park Dark Origins

  1. I had a tasting of this and it might be the best whisky I’ve ever had. I’m a fan of the HP18 but honestly (and I know it was just one tasting) my initial reaction was, this is better!

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