The next installment of my Short Attention Span Reviews is the Balvenie 12yr Single Barrel. I have been quite open with my Balvenie Fanboy Status, so it should be no surprise that there will be quite a few of their reviews here. But I will be nice and spread them out.

Although the 12yr DoubleWood is probably a more recognized expression, I thought this was a perfect place to start. The 12yr Single Barrel is essentially the DoubleWood without the extra maturation in a Sherry Cask. The beauty of the Single Barrel vs a typical Single Malt is that each bottle is one of no more than 300 bottles pulled from each cask, so each cask creates it’s own Limited Edition. Each bottle is hand numbered with the cask and bottle reference number.

A smooth, yet spicy whisky that allows you to get into a relationship with the cask itself. One that I find benefits from sitting in your glass for a while before fully appreciating it. Such a great starting point (of sorts) to the range. Next up will be the 12yr DoubleWood, the whisky that changed me from a whisky drinker, to a whisky lover.

11 thoughts on “Balvenie 12yr Single Barrel

  1. Great to the point review, I could not agree more! Balvenie 12yr Doublewood brought me out of the darkness of mixed drinks that mask the flavor of straight Whisky and into the light of true enjoyment. I look forward to comparing my notes to yours as you make your way up the Balvenie offerings and beyond.

      1. Balvenie fanboy t-shirts? What a great idea to compliment my ScotchTrooper t-shirt.
        I’m all in, where do I pre-order?

  2. Oh…now I am really anticipating the review on what changed you from a drinker to a lover of whisky! And BTW….I love the short reviews…..keeps our attention.

  3. I don’t know if it’s a theme issue, a plugin issue or a browser issue, but I’m having a terrible time reading the print of the comments themselves. I think it has to do with font color. Very pale. Since all the other text on your site reads fine, I know the answer is *not* “I’m just getting old.”

    Great review, however. Looking forward to seeing you develop your style. This is a great place to start, too!

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