For those who have not heard of the #Whiskyfabric. It is an all inclusive community of Whisky Enthusiasts who’s lives, passions and interests weave an international fabric connecting us all closer to what brought us all together, whisky. Or as Sam Speers so eloquently put it, “The Fellowship of the Dram”.

That being said, about a year ago, I was having a discussion with “The one and only” Whiskylassie on twitter on how the #Whiskyfabric needed a logo, but more importantly, a T-Shirt for members to wear to events, tasting and distillery visits. Seeing as T-Shirt and logo design is on my resume and lists of “can-do’s”, I quickly offered my services. Once we finally landed on a design, I researched a few options for selling the shirts online. At that time it was also widely agreed that in selling these shirts, that the proceeds be donated to Parkinson’s Research on International Whisky Day (March 27th).

The first few campaigns for the shirt were through TeeChip, which I had bought a few Star Wars shirts though. Unfortunately, in the first campaign, they screwed up a good handful of shirts, sending Women’s sizes instead of Men’s, and some quality issues that probably only bothered me as the perfectionist. As I ran a few other campaigns, I was looking for other options. Since I was also looking for an option for selling my lamps at the time, it made sense to house the shirts on my store, so I could have a bit more control over the process.

It has been amazingly rewarding to work with everyone on this. I love seeing where these shirts are being shipped to. Seeing the pictures on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram of where people are wearing these shirts and knowing I had a part in that is such a great feeling.

I am happy to announce that as of today, 77 shirts have been sold from 10 different countries and $267 has been raised for Parkinson’s.

Haven’t gotten yours yet? Shirts are still available, you can purchase them here.

Side Note: I would love to update this page with pictures of you sporting your #Whiskyfabric pride. Please send me your pics and I will post them.


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  1. I have loved the logo on these shirts! Thanks for making them! I look forward to a women’s design soon, with a V-neck and fit and flare shirt, in all sizes! Hint hint! 🙂 Your talents are a gift to us all, Scotch Trooper.

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