About a year ago I was faced with a dilemma, what to do with all my empty scotch bottles. With as pretty as some bottles and labels are, they were too pretty to throw away, so I had been saving them for quite some time. The idea had come to me to use them for lamps, but I didn’t want to rush into any anything. I had seen options using the bottle for a base and inserting a socket to the top, but wanted to do something that incorporated the beauty of these bottles into the light itself. After few layout options, failed attempts and broken bottles, I landed on a Industrial/Steampunk style Pipe Lamp.

Balvenie Bottles   may2015   IMG_0599

I posted my final piece on Twitter and Instagram and the reactions were amazing. I quickly had people requesting custom lamps of their own and even more people asking if I needed their empties to continue making more. The support was so much more than I could have asked for or imagined. I quickly created an online store and did what I could to fill it with new designs and layouts with a variety of different bottles in the original format and design.

Pipe Lamps   Dark Origins   Jack Daniels

Being a Web Designer/Developer, Photographer and Graphic Designer, this has been an amazing opportunity to combine my love for whisky with my creative side while getting out from behind the computer screen. I am always open to taking on new commissioned projects, so please don’t hesitate to drop me a line. And by all means, if you have any empty whisky bottles, boxes or other materials you need to get rid of but don’t want to throw away, please contact me. And if you are interested in purchasing any lamps, please visit my store.

Balvenie Single Barrel   Lagavulin 16   Compass Box

7 thoughts on “I love lamp

  1. I really love that you get to combine so many of your passions into one! Your lamps look gorgeous and are perfect for a Scotch Lovers dedicated Scotch bar! I also love that this promotes recycling/reusing! I am sure your day job gets in the way of really having the time to make all the lamps you have in mind! Darn those day jobs! Gets in the way of Scotch drinking, too!

    1. It has really inspired some extra trips to Antique Shops and other specialty shops looking for extra parts and additions to future lamps. It really has been a blast. And to see people still excited about them almost a year later is something special.

  2. I currently have a laphroaig 25 bottle I would love made to one of these. As it was sort of A “bucket list” bottle that I will not soon have the pleasure of having again, what goes into securing the bottle to the actual lamp? and is there cutting of the bottle required? how is the bulb/socket intserted into the bottle? would hate to chance losing the bottle if that is a possibility, is it difficult to change the bulb after lamp is built? and Are you able to do a special order like this? look forward to hearing from you! these are a great idea for that special bottle.

      1. I would love to hear your process as well. I have a bottle that I think would be perfect for this. As always, I’ve been following your Instagram post’s and your pictures and products are amazing. Keep up the great work!!

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